Examples of Trades

Garden Project

One of our elderly members needed her garden tidying up to make it suitable for her grandchildren to play in . A group of us set to with bin bags, spades and cutters. Here are some photos at the start of the project and halfway through. We will carry on in the Spring when the weather starts to improve. Watch this space………..

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Foraging walk

We are lucky to have Diane, a herbalist, as a member. One crisp December morning she took a group of us for a foraging walk near her home in a beautiful Derbyshire village. Having collected various berries and leaves we took them back to her house where she made them into a tea and explained their beneficial properties. This was her offer. Her want was some help with her garden so a few weeks later a few people went over and spent a morning digging and weeding for her.

using dogwood as a toothbrush

Using dogwood as a toothbrush

Picking Hawthorn berries